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Woson distributors’s engineer training successfully completed, with full confidence to Beijing for examing.


In order to provide you with the most professional services

WOSON provides training to distributors’s engineers every year.

To achieve a unified and professional service

2018 engineers training carried out under the active cooperation of all distributors


From May 30 to June 2, distributors’s from all over the country, they gathered at the Woson headquarters. 

Through learning, communication, discussion and practice, 

they have improved their skills to a higher level and have prepared to provide our customers with better and more professional services.

Excutive vice president talks about the training objectives

Let each student have a clear positioning


Marketing director introduces the historyof WOSON

Introducing the story of WOSON and our company culture, leading everybody into WOSON family.

After sales manager explains the service concept and system

For providing better and more professional solutions to our customers

Technical Manager explains the structureand principle of the sterilizer

Explaining from the source of the machineto everyone make them a profound understanding of our products.


Special explanation on detal unit

Executive vice president, also senior engineer explained all aspects of Woson Dental Unit

Dismentling and presenting semi-finished machine

Learning more about the structure of the dental machine


Explanation of auxiliary equipment

After-sales manager explains the importance and irreplaceability of auxiliary equipment and use of auxiliary equipment


Graduating examination, inspecting results

After three days of study, everyone gets agood result in the final examination


Outstanding students will acquire Certificate

Woson certificates to excellent students



To celebrate the graduation, drinking together

Ningbo cultural tour

Through this training, we have deepened thetheoretical knowledge, trained the practice ability, standardized the service process, improved the quality of WOSON after-sales service to a new level!

Finally, we would like to thank all of you for your open-minded study and active cooperation. Let's make our work better!


After soon, the annual examination Gaokao is coming,

Also, it’s the time for the annual exhibition in Beijing.


Sino-Dental 2018, June 9- June 12,

We, Woson, wait for you in Beijing.