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Woson Medical Globe Sales Meeting




On the occasion of the DenTech China show,

following the trend of the industry,

WOSON's twice-yearly autumn dealer exchange meeting was successfully held.

Time flies, a few photos couldn’t tell the whole story of these two enriching days.

Exchange, discuss, learn, recognize,

Once separated for thousands of miles, but now gathered together,

WOSON's autumn dealer exchange meeting has gained enthusiastic response, we are looking forward to the reunion.

Look forward to meet again next year

Woson is committed to the global market:

branches or offices are set up in Brazil, India, Mexico, the United States and Russia.

In the Netherlands and Italy R & D center is also been established.

To ensure the global strategy of Woson: no time difference, precise services.

After the DenTech China Show,

our overseas distributors came together to Woson.

2018 Fly Higher

The year of 2017 is coming to an end, let's look forward to more exciting WOSON SHOW

2018 Fly Higher