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Colorful Sino-dental, Colorful WOSON


EbullientSino-Dental, memorable weekend.

Sino-Dental 2017, it came at the expected date.

Let’s go!

As the largest and most influential dental exhibition in China, Sino-Dental has become a bench marking dental show, which enjoys highreputation both in China and around Asia.

WOSON family

Dental Unit  · Steam Sterilizer  ·  Assistance Device  · Agent Products

Creatively display

WOZO Dental unit, wins a large outpouring of favorable comments

Extra experience, Fibre leather + Faro light

Touch 2.0

water purification system, APP your way, smart product

Score saddle stool, made in Holland

To protect your health.

Faro LED Lamp, made in Italy

The global leader of dental orallighting

Ultrasonic Scaler, Multi-Color Range

The health-care operation solution



WOSON quality first

We are growing up, step by step

九月 CDS Sept,CDS

上海见 Seeyou in Shanghai